Learn more about Telescope

Telescope was created to provide an easy, free, and open-source way to set up a community. Just like WordPress democratized blogging, Telescope's goal is to let anybody launch their own Hacker News or Product Hunt.

Telescope is organized around three principles:

1. Engagement

Telescope was built from the ground up to make creating active, engaged communities easier.

Previewing a newsletter in MailChimp.

From large features like automatically sending your audience email digests of your best content, to tiny ones like highlighting comments of the original poster, Telescope takes care of the basics so you can focus on what really matters: growing your community.

2. Flexibility

Too often, having more features comes at the cost of flexibility and simplicity. With Telescope, we knew from the start we wanted to avoid this pitfall.

This is why Telescope is made up of independent modules, which you can add and remove as you need. Don't need notifications? Just type meteor remove telescope-notifications package and you'll be good to go!

Customizing Telescope.

Telescope's flexible template architecture means that every single part of the front-end can be customized without touching the app's core codebase. All you need to know is a bit of HTML and CSS.

3. Openness

Telescope is distributed under the MIT license, meaning it can be freely used even for commercial applications.

And Telescope itself is also open to the world: out of the box, Telescope comes with built-in integrations with services like Google Analytics (for web analytics) and Kadira (for performance and monitoring).

An auto-generated newsletter.

What's more, Telescope can also parse any RSS feed to populate your site, automatically fetch preview thumbnails using Embedly, and then generate and send an email newsletter using MailChimp.