Meteor just had a big update, and so did Telescope! Read on to find out what’s new.

Meteor 0.9.0 Update

The latest version of Telescope is now compatible with Meteor 0.9.0. Because of the new package system, you might encounter a few Git issues when pulling the changes.

If you want to avoid any trouble, I suggest simply deleting all Atmosphere package symlinks from the /packages directory first before merging.

Once you’re done updating, here’s what the /packages directory should contain:

bootstrap3-datepicker // unmigrated Atmosphere package
npm-container //  used by the meteorhacks:npm package
telescope-newsletter // previously an Atmosphere package
telescope-module-embedly // previously an Atmosphere package

Note that telescope-newsletter and telescope-module-embedly were previously Atmosphere packages, but are now part of the Telescope codebase again. As such, make sure you delete their symlinks before updating to avoid any conflicts.

If you want to read more about the update I recommend checking out my article on the Discover Meteor blog.

Better User Profiles

Besides the 0.9.0 update, this latest version also introduces a few new features, such as better user profiles that now display a user’s posts, comments, as well as upvoted posts and upvoted comments.

User profiles


I also fixed a pretty bad markdown XSS vulnerability (CVE ID: CVE ID: CVE-2014-5144) in the app by sanitizing user input with sanitize-html.

As a consequence, Telescope now stores both an untouched copy of your original markdown input, and a processed, sanitized version of the resulting HTML content (which is what actually gets displayed).

The Daily View

Last but not least, version 0.9.3 also features a new daily view (similar to the layout of popular product news site Product Hunt).

The daily view

What’s more, you can now select your homepage’s desired default view in the settings panel, without having to modify any templates (although you’ll need to reload the app to see the change).

Note that in the daily view, sticky posts appear at the top of their respective day, not at the top of the page.

What’s Next

I updated the Telescope roadmap to include small bugs and fixes too, and not just major upcoming features.

So if you want to pitch in, feel free to just pick something and get to work!

I’m hoping to get Telescope ready in time for Meteor 1.0, whenever that is… ;)